Hiroshi Totoki  1972 Born in Tokyo
1998 Graduated from Department of Art at Hiroshima City University (Japan)
1999 - 02 Studied at Royal academy of Art in Den Haag (Netherlands)
2007 Graduated from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Japan)
Collections Jordan National Gallery (Jordan) / North Community Center city of Onojo(Fukuoka,Japan)

Major Exhibitions & Prizes
2016 75th Japan Watercolor federation Exhibition (National Art Center, Japan)
2015 74th Japan Watercolor federation Exhibition [Saibido Prize] (National Art Center, Japan)
  Onojo Madokapia Art Biennale 2015 [Grand prix] (Onojo Madokapia, Fukuoka, Japan)
  28th Washi-Art Exhibition (Mino Washi Japanese Traditional Paper Museum, Gifu, Japan)
2012 "Totoki Hiroshi Exhibition" [01,03,05,07,09] (Kobo Gallery, Tokyo)
2011 "Totoki Hiroshi lithograph Exhibition" (mitsui garden hotel Hiroshima, Japan)
2008 - 09 International Print Exchange Project Japan-Portugal-Holland (Nagasaki, Porto, Amsterdam)
2007 The Suiboku Triennial, Toyama 2007 (The Suiboku Museum Toyama, Japan)