Yuta Konno  1984 Born in Tokyo, Japan
-2014 Studied printmaking in Japan and Italy.
2015 - 17 Worked as an assistant at Il Bisonte (Florence)
2017 - Started to run his copper and zinc plate printmaking and Mokuhanga workshops in Japan, Mexico and Europe.
Now Working as an assistant at MI-LAB(Tokyo) and creates his own works on intaglio and relief (Mokuhanga) and with HYOSO technique.
  Web Site cargocollective.com/yutacabezon

Major Exhibitions & Prizes
Solo show Colorful (maruse-b1 gallery,maruse-b1 gallery,Tokyo, Japan)
Sumi-Fusion : International Mokuhanga Exhibition (Nara Prefectural Cultural hall,Nara, Japan)
The 64th CWAJ Print Show (online)
Printing on self made washi paper (NIAV,Fukushima, Japan)
Invitation to HYOSO (CfSHE Gallery,Tokyo, Japan)
  Mokuhanga Printing workshop (Toma House,Nara, Japan)
  Detailed aquatint workshop (Gallery Choukou,Tokyo, Japan)
2020 Solo show Thirst (Gallery Choukou,Tokyo, Japan)
  Solo show Muestra de Xilografia japonesa (Calle Estampa,Mexico)
2017-20 Intaglio and Mokuhanga workshop (Europe, Mexico)
2019 Solo show Paesaggi di passaggio (L’armadilloAtelier51r,Italy)
2018-19 BIMPE X (Traveling exhibition,Canada)
2017 Solo show Da Oriente a Occidente (History Museum of Acapulco,Mexico)
2015 AIMPE 2015 [semi finalists] (Inbe art space,Tokushima, Japan)
2013 The 81th Exhibition of Japan Print Association (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum,Tokyo, Japan)